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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Welcome! About Me

Let me start off by saying I AM NOT A GURU when it comes to couponing. Not by any means! What I am, however, is someone who has been a broke college student, a broke IN-DEBT college student, a heavily in-debt and modestly paid single young working professional, and now a married working professional (2 jobs!) who is very grateful for all I have… but still has a car to pay off, two mountains of student loans to tackle (mine and the spouse's). We also have 3 cats who insist on eating on a daily basis.

Let me be clear: we're not rich. We are definitely lucky because if the world came crashing down tomorrow, we'd be okay… if we could sell most of our belongings and/or vehicles pretty quickly (very unlikely in this economy). Mostly, we’re just like a lot of people in that we need to save wherever we can so that some small catastrophe DOESN'T send all the dominos falling. And sometimes it's nice to just be able to free up a little extra cash for something fun. Or something unexpectedly necessary. Or a future goal.

So if you’re fairly new at this like I am and learning the ropes, feel free to learn from my successes… and mistakes, of course!


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