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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CVS - Results... Kept it simple

I was starting to feel a bug coming on late Saturday, but I knew that we had a full day ahead on Sunday and if I didn't make a quick midnight run I'd never get the stuff that was free or super cheap. So I went and made it just that: a quick single-transaction run! I had $10 ECBs to start and so I got most of the good deals I wanted with just that plus coupons... I may go back to get some paper goods free plus something to give me a few ECBs for next time. Just not sure how I want to spend what I have and don't want to waste them just to get it over with b/c I NOW have a full on case of "crud" and a nap looks better than shopping right now.

(1) Glade Fragrance Collection Reed Diffuser - $6.99 ($6.99 ECB = FREE)
(2) Bounce Dryer Bar, Singles - $3.99 - ($1 ECB each, limit 2)
(1) Softsoap Nutriserum Bodywash - $4.99 ($2 ECB, limit...??? ... see below)
(1) Aquafresh IsoActive Foaming Tooth Gel - $3.99 ($3 ECB)

-$4 off $20 CVS Readyfill coupon
-$2 off Glade Fragrance collection item IP-$2.50 off Bounce Dryer Bar (Vocalpoint)
-$1.50 off Bounce Dryer Bar (Vocalpoint)
-$2 off any Softsoap/Irish Springs IP (had ONE of these left)
-$1 off Aquafresh Foaming Tooth Gel IP
-$10 ECB

Total OOP w/ Tax: $3.89
Got back: $13.99 ECBs (made back my OOP and then some!)

SHELF Cost of everything above: $32.89

I was pretty happy the limit on the Bounce was 2 instead of 1; that definitely helped. On the Softsoap, I'm not sure WHAT the limit is... I'm out of those great $2 printables now b/c I used a couple last week on Irish Springs when the SAME deal was going at my stores in Knoxville even though it wasn't in the ad. The other weird thing is that my receipt for the Softsoap/Irish Springs says I still have an amount of "1" to earn toward this deal (I already have 3... 2 last week, 1 on this trip). But the shelf tags last week said "Limit 1" as does the ad this week. So I can go back and get at least 1 more? May be just what I do...


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