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Friday, September 18, 2009

Kroger Mega Sale - Week of 9/13

I took a week off from shopping just... well, just because! Because you have to. There weren't a whole lot of very exciting deals at most of my stores, although I did hit up CVS for another One-Transaction-Wonder (that won't happen again for awhile; I'm planning to burn up my last big stash of ECBs this week). And this week has been crazy so tonight was my first night to really get out to shop.

This week was another Mega Sale at Kroger (see Jenny at Southern Savers for the list!). I don't know about anyone else but after the last one I was kind of disappointed. Not a WHOLE lot of free or super-super cheap stuff. In fact I told DH that this was a "high-end" Mega Sale b/c I spent more than I ever have on a Mega Sale since I started couponing. Still, I didn't do too bad. I only grabbed 10 participating items, but I confirmed or found some other great deals, too! Here are my favorites:

* Purina ONE Cat Chow - $1.49 after sale/coupons!

* Buitoni Fresh Chicken & Prosciutto Tortellini - $1.49 after sale/coupons!

* Slim Fast Bars, multi-packs (closeouts) - $1.39 after paper coupon! Only $0.89 after Unilever e-Coupon (which I completely forgot about and wrote off weeks ago... but it worked)!

* Green Giant Boxed Frozen Veggies - $0.64 each ($1.28 for 2) after paper & e-coupons! AND... there's multiples of the $.50/2 e-coup, so buy 4 boxes and get a $2.00 OYNO catalina!

* Starkist Tuna Pouches (in water) - FREE after those $1 printables from during the last Mega Sale (when my Kroger was clean out)!

* Smithfield Bacon 50% off - $2.68 each... FREE with OVERAGE if you still have those $3.00 printables!

I also snagged several Lean Cuisines, 2 boxes of Ritz Crackers, Digiorno Pizza, Mushrooms, and some clearance Pork Chops.

Totals before sale/coupons: $66.62
Total after sale: $47.71
Total Spent: $27.04
Saved: 60%

Now, why do I feel like I've done BADLY if I walk out having spent more than $20 and NOT getting nearly $100 worth of groceries for it? :-)


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