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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kroger - Week of 8/30... and where'd my week go?

Wow. That was fast! The rest of this past week was spent trying to ditch the crud in advance of the holiday weekend and once that started, away it went! I know this is late but I wanted to post up how I did on a last-minute run to Kroger on Friday night. My spouse had left for the mountains ahead of me to secure a good campsite b/c past experience has taught us there are NONE to be found come Saturday on Labor Day weekends. I went to dinner with friends directly after work, then decided to run to Kroger to grab Pepsis (b/c they were on their great Buy 4, Get 1 FREE deal) and a few free items.

Overall, it was not a banner trip but then it wasn't meant to be. Those darned Pepsis always tweak my totals... ;-) It's pretty funny that if I don't save at least 50%, I now get really disappointed in myself, even when I know it can't be helped!

Anyhoo, here are the quick details:

Total before sale/coupons: $53.90
Total after sale: $34.92

After coupons: $27.72 (Saved 49% overall)

I have done WAAAAAY better, I know! And I only used about $7 in coupons! ....??? The main thing is that I went in for the Pepsis, grabbed a few unplanned things, and only found a few of the freebies I wanted. FYI: The night before the first University of TN game.... things can go fast on those shelves.

(5) Pepsi 12-packs
(1) Bounty Paper Towels
(1) Hefty One-Zip bags
(1) Kroger trash bags
(1) Dial handsoap
(2) Cattleman's BBQ Sauce
(2) French's Mustard
(3) Haagan-Daz single servings (1 of these did not make it into my bags at checkout.. Grrr!)
(3) Gatorades
(2) Orange/White shakers (... for my car... and watching games) :-)

It doesn't seem like a whole lot for $27! ... Honestly? I have no idea how much the shakers were. I had to get up super early on Saturday so I came home, jotted down the big numbers and tossed my receipt. They may have been a couple bucks a piece but I really wanted some. I used to have a stash of dozens from my student gamedays but those have long since been given away, disintegrated, or become cat toys (and then disintegrated).

Sometimes you just can't go strictly by the playbook, eh? With the exception of veggies and meat, I'm going to try to stick to the rules better this week.

Oh, and GO VOLS!


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