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Saturday, September 19, 2009

CVS - Week of 9/20

Jenny has the list of matchups for CVS this week HERE....

I'm with Jenny on her assessment of this week: not very exciting. SO, here's my grand-tabulous plan!

(4) Pepsi 12-packs, 4/$12

-(4) $0.25/1 Pepsi fridge pack
-$8 ECB

Total Due: $3.00
Get back: $3.00 ECB

... Yep... That's it! I'm getting my cheap Pepsi for the spouse, taking my $3 ECB, and running. It will be weird to go back to CVS with only $3 ECB. These one-stop shopping trips have spoiled me good. :-)



  1. Hey I saw your post @ souther savers blog. Do you still have the $1.50 kashi left. My email is emichh4@yahoo.com thanks


  2. I came over from southernsavers. I am in Knoxville, too, so "hello" from a fellow Knoxvillian. I have a quick question. Is it possible there are regional differences at CVS? I tried to buy John Frieda products that Jenny listed as generating ecbs (she said it was a monthly deal that happens to also be on sale this week). It did not give ecbs and was a HUGE problem for the cashier and managers to fix as I had paid with many coupons and ecbs. Finally got it straightened out. I have had this happen one other time while following her list. Thanks for any light you can shed on it. (If you or Jenny don't know, don't worry. I will call CVS on Monday and see if it varies from Knoxville to wherever she is in SC.)