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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Couponing Question: When to make a fuss or not

It's only Sunday and there are already about 130+ comments on the CVS post on Southern Savers, SEVERAL of which deal with the Kashi promo that I had trouble with... based on what I'm reading, those TLC Honey Almond bars I got last night should have rung up as part of the deal. Hmmmph.

Here's the funny thing: on our way out for the day's adventures I got DH to stop at another CVS so I could run in to grab some drinks for us AND.... another box of Kashi cereal (since I knew that worked). THIS store in Maryville didn't have the ECB signs up on the Kashi products either. Is this a coupon conspiracy of some sort? It just seems weird that those tags wouldn't be up.

So, I now HAVE my ECBs b/c the cereal triggered them, but I'm debating taking those Honey Almond bars back to my usual CVS for a refund. It's not so much that it's a lot of extra money, but that a deal that should have worked did not.

I've had the same question when it comes to shopping at Walmart. Normally, I only go to Walmart if there's an especially long and appealing list of cheap/free stuff, and I normally NEVER go when it's super busy. But, on 2 consecutive shopping/couponing trips to Walmart I went when it was fairly busy (once on a Saturday afternoon -- yeah, never again!)... and on both of those I got over charged.

On the first trip the cashier rang up an extra Mac and Cheese and forgot to scan a coupon or 2. Okay. No big deal. On the second, the cashier double rang up a couple of items putting me $4 over where I should've been. For both of these, I didn't notice until I was already home and it would've been rather difficult to take those receipts back to the store to prove I didn't actually get those items.

So, I guess my question is: When you're saving sooo much on any one trip and others, at what point do you make a fuss over being incorrectly charged or a coupon not being rung up, etc? When is it worth it? Just curious.

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