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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Half-Off Depot of Knoxville = Cheap Haircut & Salsaritas!

While scanning a couple of local blogs I follow, I caught this post by KnoxMamaBelle about a Salsarita's certificate available on Half Off Depot. When I went to check it out (b/c we have a new location near us now) I ALSO found a certificate for my favorite hair salon. Score! I was able to get a $20 certificate to Salsarita's for $10, and a $50 certificate to my salon for $25! (Figure that's a dinner for us with a litle extra and the cost of a haircut/blowout). With local shipping I only paid $36.39 for $70 in services.

(I know, anyone who is die-hard frugal will say I can get my hair cut for way less than even $25, but it's one of a few things I will NOT skimp on. My super fine hair can be tough to work with if it's going through a rough patch -- I get stressed and my hair will make a break for the shower drain within a day! Seriously... so, I'm pretty loyal to any stylist who can not only cut it right but doesn't wince or flinch at it. EVER...)

I originally found out about Half Off Depot while browsing Metropulse.com one day (our local entertainment paper). They seem to have started out in the Greater Atlanta area but have expanded to include several southeastern cities in TN, AL, MS and others.

All you have to do is plug in your zip code or search for your city and you'll get an instant list of participating vendors and available deals. The basics on Half-Off Depot:
  • Everything listed on the site for your city is 1/2 off the retail value; SO, if the certificate is worth $25, your COST will only be $12.50. Sometimes, they'll put certain items on SALE where you'll pay LESS than 50% of the value.

  • You will have to spend the ENTIRE certificate in one shot when you use it. I've never heard of a vendor issuing "change" for an unused portion of these certificates, so if you don't use it all, you lose it.

  • Each certificate DOES come with an expiration date. These vary but are usually good for at least a couple of months. Just make sure you note when that is.

  • You MIGHT get issued TWO $25 certificates to fulfill a $50 certificate order (or two $10 certificates for a $20 order, etc). If this is the case, it will normally state that you will be getting 2 smaller certificates in the "Restrictions" or "More info" tabs on the bottom of the item's page. This is important only because some vendors may only allow the use of ONE certificate per table or group (check by calling the vendor; I have had managers happily accept two per table b/c it was 2 separate checks) and this may affect how you intend to use the certificate.

  • Make SURE you read all the "Restrictions" and "Location Details/More Info" (tabs located at the bottom of that screen). Sometimes it's specified for select locations. Many restaurant certificates specify that you cannot use the certificate toward the purchase of alcohol or toward any tax/gratuity on the bill. This usually isn't a big problem for most people but it'll help you plan how to use it (if you're intending to take some friends out for dinner and buy several bottles of wine... the wine will be out of your pocket).

Don't let the restrictions and quirks scare you; these are really easy to use just like any other 1/2 off coupon and I've never personally run into trouble with them so long as I was in keeping with the rules. I'm looking forward to a cheaper haircut and Salsaritas in a week or so!

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