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Thursday, July 23, 2009

CVS Prescription Transfer rewards and upcoming weeks...

Okay, so maybe I'm behind the curve on this but I just got into following the site "i heart cvs", and WOW. I had no idea that they got the sales flyers complete with ECBs so far ahead of schedule! I was wondering how other blogs I followed were able to post up about getting your hands on coupons for one thing or another that was GOING to be on sale at CVS in a couple of weeks.... I guess I just figured they had a serious "in" with a store manager, LOL.

The reason that this discovery is so perfectly timed is because I took advantage of something that made up for the mild hassle of Ingles shopping; I transferred a prescription to my local CVS and got to take advantage of the $25 gift card reward! Shortly after I signed up for my CVS card AND registerred it online, I got a mailing with 2 coupons for $25 each, one for any prescription transferred. So I went over there the other day and moved one from Walgreens. It made more sense since I moved it to the 24 hr CVS I always shop at now, plus it's just around the corner from our house.

Supposedly many pharmacies do this sort of program and many will also honor competitors' offers and coupons for the same thing, although I've read varying reports on which stores will and won't. My CVS has a big sign up that says they will take competitors' offers, at least.

The great thing is that I can take this $25 card and use that to pay for my Out-of-Pocket charges for the next couple of weeks of rolling ECBs! There is a $2 minimum charge rule, so maybe I'll save it for when I really want a big ECB deal (one of those Buy $20, Get $10) or when I've got very few ECBs to start with. I'll be starting this week with $4 ECBs.

Waiting on the full matchups from Southern Savers for CVS but I know there will be another set of free school supplies to take advantage of... More stuff to donate to my girlfriend who teaches at a fairly low-income middle school. After THAT, the week of 8/2 is looking REALLY good, so says Jennifer at Coupon Mommie and a few others. The sales flyer states that there's going to be well over $100 in ECBs to be had that week, including the Electrasol/Lysol/Airwick deal, Blink Tear Gel (my contacts will be grateful), Cheezits, Pepsi, Head & Shoulders AND Pantene, and another deal including Johnson & Johnson products (Benadryl D is on that list and that's EXACTLY what my gift card may go toward... I hate fall allergies!).

I may seriously lose my little coupon mind. :-)

1 comment:

  1. I've taken advantage of the prescription transfer several times. I'm not on anything regular but my granny let's me fill her 2 medicines each month and I keep rotating them around. LOL, she wouldn't know where to pickup her medicine if it weren't for me getting it for her.

    I've got alot of the matchups for this week's freebies posted here and here is where you can grab the hot 8/2 printables. Wowza!