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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

CVS Deals - Week of 7/5

The 4th was great but the really exciting thing this week is the HUGE amount of CVS deals and, more importantly, FREE stuff to be had with a small initial investment! If you're really new to CVS I highly suggest you check out Jenny's posts on how to get going over at Southern Savers. As she says in her how-to blog, CVS is a literal GOLD MINE... you just need to get in on a good week (which this is) so you can get started with a minimum OOP (out of pocket) cost and start rrrrrolling those ECBs (Extra Care Bucks).

Jenny has a fabulous grand plan for herself to get about $85 in products for only $1.50 (*bowing to her couponing greatness*) but she has also posted a good starter set of deals. I was only starting the week with $4.00 ECBs myself and didn't have the coupons for those glucose meters that seem to always be a moneymaker, so I chose to run the starter deals.

I did a midnight run on Saturday after a BBQ b/c I learned in just a few weeks that the REALLY good deals at CVS can run out of stock quick, especially when it's an item whose ECB pays for itself. I had planned to hit a few more on Sunday but we ended up heading to a movie with some Regal giftcards from Xmas. By the time we got out, all of the CVS's around were closing! I have to give credit to my very supportive & understanding spouse; he actually took a looong route home so we could try to hit any CVS that might be open.

Finally, I just had to rearrange my deals b/c I was NOT able to find the Trail Mix cereal anywhere, and it seemed like a couple of other deals were getting cleaned out quick (Febreze mostly). So here’s what I did between Sun/Mon (w/o sales tax):

Transaction 1
($3) CVS Transparent Tape - $1.49 ea
-$4 ECB from last week

Total Due: $0.47
Get back $4.47 ECB ($1.49 for each Tape) / $2.00 ECB spring Savings (unexpected - yay!)

Transaction 2
Febreze Noticeables Kit - $6.50
Febreze Fabric Refresher - $5.00
Febreze Air Effects - $3.00
-$4 Off Noticeables
-$.50 Off Fabric Refresher
-FREE Air Effects wyb Fabric Refresher
-$6.47 ECB

Total Due: $0.53
Get back $5 ECB ($5 ECB wyb $10 in Febreze)

Transaction 3
Head & Shoulders - $4.99
Head & Shoulders - $4.99
Dawn Dish Soap - $1.00
Dawn Dish Soap - $1.00
-BOGO Head & Shoulders
-$.50 Off any Dawn
-$.25 Off any Dawn
-$5.00 ECB

Total Due: $1.24
Get back $5 ECB ($2 ECB for each H&S / $1 ECB wyb 2 Dawns)

Altogether I got $30 in products for $2.24 with $5 ECB for next week. It's not $85, nor is it the $60 I originally planned out but not too bad (though if I DO run across the Trail Mix cereal, I will do that deal with the Colgate as my last for the week... and that should bump my total back up to $60)! NOTE: Unfortunately, the CVS tape and Pencils/Sharpeners that were returning the full purchase price in ECBs were only Sunday/Monday deals. BUT, if you have the coupons for them, you can definitely get started using the Febreze scenario or the Head and Shoulders. Good luck!

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