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Sunday, July 19, 2009

CVS - A few changes to the plan this week

What's that thing they always say about the "best laid plans"? Well, they have a point. Things don't always go the way you'd like. We had some unexpected company on Saturday evening and by the time they left I was in no mood to drag myself to CVS. I wasn't feeling too hot today, so I finally got out to one before dinner this eve. I ended up hitting my 2 closest stores (one regular, one 24-hour) and the first one was out of the binders, pencils, and memo books. So I did this:

Trans #1
(2) Caliber/CVS Filler Paper 150 sheets ($2 ECB) - $2.00
(2) Papermate 1.2 Pens 10 ct ($.99 ECB) - $0.99
Filler Item: Thyme Leaves (Clearance) - $0.50

Use $6 ECB

Total OOP w/ Tax: $0.52

Get 5.98 ECB back

I debated doing the Bandaids/Neosporin/Johnson&Johnson deal next, but the only thing I could find that was $2.99 (where their prices started) was the J&J cloth first aid tape. I put 4 of the cloth tapes in my basket... then took them out. We just DON'T use that much medical tape (thank goodness)! The bandaids and Neosporin were all in the $3.29-$5.00+ range and I couldn't come up with a scenario I liked. And I wanted to still try to score the free school supplies. So I headed to my 2nd CVS; they had the binders! But no pencils or memo books. Like I said, I was still feeling cruddy and just wanted to get home to make dinner so with the binders in hand, I did these...

Trans #2
(2) 1" Vinyl Binder ($3 ECB) - $3.00

Use $5.98 ECB

Total OOP w/ tax: $0.58

Get $6 ECB (still have another $2 from last week for a total of $8 ECB)

Trans #3 (I decided to get some things we WOULD use)
(1) Neosporin w/ Pain Relief - $5.69
(1) Bandaids w/ Antibiotic (Mixed Size) - $4.49

-$0.50 off any Bandaids
-$1.00 off any Neosporin printable

-$8 ECB

Total OOP w/ tax: $1.44

Get $5 ECB

Trans #4
(2) Speed Stick Pro 2.7 oz Deodorant ($2 ECB ea) - $2.99
(1) Filler: Swanson Chicken Broth - $1.49 (b/c I was making soup that night)
(1) Cheezits Travel Box - $1.00 (I could've found another 50-cent filler but hubby likes these and the box was a cute travel size)

-(2) $1.50 off any Speed Stick printable
-$5 ECB

Total OOP w/ tax: $1.21

So, ALTOGETHER, with CVS "sale" savings, I got $40.87 in items for $3.75 out of my pocket. I also have $4 ECB from the Speed Sticks for the next week. I doubt I will go chase down the pencils and memo books at this point; I still have all the supplies from last week and it should make for a nice little "gift" bag of supplies for my teacher friend.

1 comment:

  1. Hey there! Just thought I'd pop over and say hi:) You did great at CVS. I'm just loving the school FREEBIES!

    Like your Blog!! Want to try and teach me how to put the tabs at the top? Nah, it would take you forever-I'll just stick to learning to Text!!! LOL
    Best Wishes~