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Sunday, July 26, 2009

CVS - Week of 7/26... No ECB sales tags finally burns me

I didn't get a chance to post up the deals from CVS for the week but I can tell you that I followed Jenny's plan at Southern Savers again ALMOST to a tee. I actually just got back and I'm now convinced that midnight Saturday shopping is a MUST with these 3-day only school supply sales. Sheesh. I’m not sure if they had not stocked their shelves yet but already I got the last 2 eraser packs and index card cases. Still, I managed to get all the school supply deals which was great.

I did run into a few small issues... The Neutrogena stuff was listed somewhere as starting at $3.49 and Jenny's plan gives a $6 pricepoint. My CVS also only had $7.99 cosmetics as the cheapest Neutrogena item. No biggie, I got two lip glosses essentially free. I also had that $25 prescription transfer gift card so I put any transaction amount owed over $2 on that.

Also, I got there closer to 12:30ish this time and they were JUST starting to do the ECB tags but I still had to hunt for most everything using my list as I usually have to. I figured this method would burn me eventually (just a little) and it did.

Can’t complain; on my 2nd trans the cashier actually allowed me to end up with a NEGATIVE $0.04 balance…? And I paid for the 1st and 3rd transactions with my $25 prescrip transfer gift card (total spent abt $9). Read on... Here are my transactions:

Trans #1
(1) Colgate Total Advanced Toothpase ($2 ECB) - $2.88
(2) Caliber Composition Bks 100 shts ($.99 ECB) - $0.99
(2) Caliber/CVS Erasers 7-15 ct ($.99 ECB) - $0.99
(2) Neutrogena Cosmetic (3.49-14.99) BOGO - $7.99 ea

-$4.00 ECB
-$1.00 of Colgate Total

-$3.00/1 Neutrogena Cosmetic
-$3.00/1 Neutrogena Cosmetic

Total OOP w/ tax: $5.21
Pay with Precription Transfer Gift Card!
Get 5.96 ECB back

Trans #2
(4) Bic Triumph Pens 2-4 pk BOGO - $3.99 ea
(2) Caliber Pencil Case or Index Card Case ($.99 ecb) - $0.99
(2) Pilot Easytouch Pens, 2 pk ($.99 ecb) - $0.99
(2) Tot Swingline Stapler or Caliber Sticky Notes 2 pk ($.99 ecb) - $0.99

-$5.96 ECB
-(4) $2.00/1 Bic Triumph Pens

Total OOP w/ tax: $1.25
Get 5.94 ECB back

Ok, here's where I went wrong. On my last trans I did the Kashi deal and tampons. I got home and saw that I had snagged a box of GoLean cereal, TLC bars, and a box of honey almond bars that was right next to the TLC bars. But the Honey Almonds aren’t part of the deal! They rang up for $4.69. I was frankly pretty tired and just wanted to get in, get out so I didn't question it or check my ECBs at the register.

Trans #3
(1) Kashi GoLean Cereal 3/$10 (Get $5 ecb wyb $10) - $3.33
(1) Kashi TLC Bars 3/$10 (Get $5 ecb wyb $10) - $3.33
(1) Kashi Honey Almond Bars - $4.69
(1) CVS Tampons ($1.89 ecb) - $1.89


-$5.94 ECB
-(3) $1.50 any Kashi product

Total OOP w/ tax: $3.87
Pay with Precription Transfer Gift Card!
Get $1.89 ECB

Obviously, I'll have to go back this week to get one more Kashi product that qualifies in order to get my $5 ecb. At least I have that gift card!

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