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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One last CVS run, I swear!

Well, I tried something a bit new for today: purchasing items TOWARD a CVS deal in one transaction and then purchasing the rest in a totally different one. (Don't ask why I had never done this before... I was somehow under the misguided assumption that I HAD to - or it was best to - buy everything for one deal in one shot).

Since I had to head to Maryville this evening straight from work for dinner plans, I had a little time to kill. I also wanted to snag a card for my wonderful spouse for our anniversary. Lo and behold as I was driving around the mall perimeter: CVS!

I went in hoping to luck out on the Trail Mix cereal deal (buy 3/$10, use 3 coupons for $2 each, use $4-5 ECB and come out FREE having made $5 ECB)... but again, nothing but a big hole in the shelf space. This is the 4th CVS I've visited in 3 days. I'm giving up the ghost on that one.

Then I remembered the receipt that had the 3 Febreze items I'd bought yesterday; I was beyond the $10 minimum needed to earn the $5 ECB for that deal. Before coupons and everything, I had actually purchased 3 items for $14.50. So, I only needed to spend another $5.50 to reach the next $10 increment! I didn't have any more coupons on those, but I had $5 ECB from my last transaction... Eh, what's the difference if I roll $5 to get another $5? So I did this:

2 Febreze Air Effects, $3.00 each
1 very cute and not-traditional sappy anniversary card, $.99 (before you judge, it WAS just a REALLY perfect card!)
$5 ECB

Total OOP before tax: $1.99
Get Back: $5 ECB

So, I now have gotten $37.94 in products and spent only about $4.23. One thing I love about CVS deals is that I save probably the most I have EVER saved on any individual transaction. I know, I know, it's a lot easier when you're doing relatively small and simple transactions compared to the ladies who get out of a grocery store having saved over $100 and spent under $10. But still! It's exciting to look at my spreadsheet and see that my savings percentages for these 4 CVS trips ranged from 72% to 93%. If you haven't tried CVS yet, this is still a great week to get in on it!

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