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Friday, August 21, 2009

ALDIs... The only place to go for meats and other have-to-haves

We're very lucky to finally have an ALDIs discount store nearby; I honestly don't know what I did without it, much like I no longer know what I did without shopping using coupons!

ALDIs is a pretty simple bare-bones sort of store that happens to have very good products at good prices. They don't allow coupons mainly because they offer a lot of one-off brands, and because they keep their overhead and prices so low on a daily basis that really, they don't have to. Now, I have to admit that a good portion of their pantry items and some dairy doesn't compete with Kroger with the right sale and coupons. They also have their own versions of "sale" prices, and on a good week a regular grocery store will beat those prices too (i.e. chicken). BUT, if you do find you need something NOW (b/c we all forget about that jar of this or that spice getting low, etc), there's really no place else for me to shop.

After my trips to Kroger left me stocked to the hilt on Hamburger/Chicken Helper, I decided to swing by to see if I could round out my groceries for the month with some more meat purchases. There was really not a lot on sale at Kroger that appealed, and I didn't feel like doing much store hopping.

I ended up getting:

(1) Dozen Grade-A Large Eggs ($.49)
(1) Garlic Powder ($1.09)
(2) Bacon Wrapped Beef Filet ($1.99 ea - These are usually 3/$10 at Kroger)
(2) Cornish Game Hens ($1.99 ea - Often $5.50-$7 for 2 elsewhere, including Walmart)
(2) Ground Turkey 90/10, 1.2 lbs ($2.49 ea - BEEF was pricier and turkey is healthier)
(1) Tyson Chicken Drumsticks, abt 2.5 lbs ($3.43)

Total: $19.34

Consider that the above will translate into at least 7 dinners for the 2 of us when made with other pantry items (the Helpers, rice, pasta, veggies), plus a few leftover lunches for me. Not too bad.


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