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Sunday, August 16, 2009

CVS - Week of 8/16... The newbie chick is back!

Among all the chaos and craziness, I took a week off from CVS mostly because it just did NOT look like there were many good deals to be had. If you look at my post from the week before last, you'll see that I got a lot of great stuff and racked up $10.48 in ECB! I've never had that many before and I just... didn't want to waste them on a so-so week. There were NO free school supplies either (by the way, after letting hubby select from the fab pens and such for work, I donated my stash to a coworker who took them to her daycare and church).

Fortunately, things were looking up this week! The Pepsi deal was back and that was probably enough for me. Of course, I went to Jenny at Southern Savers to see what her scenarios were looking like, although I have to say I'm starting to be okay at planning my own trips! But I still like to check her Grand Plans to make sure I'm not missing something.

She had a LOT of different versions posted because there are several $-off-$-purchase coupons floating around. I have not snagged any yet, I confess, but I'm going to go in and ask for the Readyfill Coupon booklet this week.

Anyway, even though we have company again tonight (yep, same as from this week), I slipped out to my 24 hour store. Overall, not a lot of stuff in quantity, but a good haul.

Trans #1
(2) Papermate Write Bros Pens, 10 pk - $.99 ea ($.99 ecb)
(1) CVS Mini-Composition Book, 80 sheets - $1.99 ($1.99 ecb)
(1) Philips Earhook Headphones - $6.99 ($6.99 ecb)

-$10.48 ECB

Total OOP w/ tax: $1.22
Get back $10.96 ECB

***NOTE: The headphones are a specific one, just in case they aren't marked at your store (mine and others don't always mark all ECB items) and they were hung with several very similar looking Phillips headphones. Look for the model #SHS3201 and look specifically for the ear HOOK shape; not the "buds"! Mine were stored in a locked glass case with the Audio/Video items.

OH! And on my first transaction I'm not sure WHAT happened but the register spit out like 4 feet of tape in coupons! I got $1 off any mouthwash, and coupons for digital prints, Aveeno haircare, and $3 off $15 in Suncare products. I guess this means I'll need to start learning to stack CVS and mfr coupons with ECBs next...?

Trans #2
(1) L'oreal Skin Genesis Cleanser - $5.99 ($10 ECB wyb L'oreal Cleanser w/ Revitalift Wrinkle Repair)
(1) L'oreal Revitalift Deepset Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream - $14.99 (ECB same as above)

-$1 off L'oreal Cleanser
-$5 off L'oreal Revitalift Deepset Wrinkle Repair
-$10.96 ECB

Total OOP w/ tax: $5.96
Get back $10.00 ECB

Trans #3
(4) Pepsi 12-can Fridge Packs - 4/$12 ($4 ECB wyb 4 packs)

-$10.00 ECB

Total OOP w/ tax: $2.93
Get back $4.00 ECB

SO, my grand total OOP was $10.11 (not $8 like I quoted to my husband when I walked back in... see how even frugal girls have a tendency to underestimate and round DOWN conveniantly?). Without SALES and coupons, the items purchased would have been $68.52, so a savings of 85%. Not bad considering I got some headphones I actually NEEDED (my iPod earbuds just KILL my ears), some great facial cleanser and eye cream, plus... the coveted Pepsis that keep my spouse happy (think of Pepsi as his "coffee").


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