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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CVS Aveeno Deal!!! And my totals this week...

This week I probably ended up spending the most out-of-pocket at CVS than I have since starting couponing. But I think I got some great deals on stuff we use anyway.

As it turns out, the Olay Definity Cleansers I had planned to start off with were NOT part of the Olay deal; only the items that were $24.99. Some people were reporting that their CVS managers made the final call and manually printed the $12 ECBs, but I didn't want to mess with it. So I started off with this on Sunday:

Trans #1
(4) Pepsi 12-Packs ($3 ECB wyb 4 Pepsi) - 4/$12

-$4 ECB

Total OOP w/ Tax: $8.93
Get back $3 ECB

Trans #2
(2) Glade Sense & Spray Kit ($3 ECB wyb $10 in Glade) - 2/$10
(4) Kraft Mac & Cheese ($2 ECB wyb 4) - 4/$4

-(2) $4 off Glade Sense & Spray
-(1) Buy 3 Kraft Mac & Cheese, Get 1 FREE
-$3 ECB

Total OOP w/ Tax: $3.24
Get back $5 ECB

After this I was going to pretty much done for the week until I read about THIS deal on the Aveeno from Hip2Save's site! I got the Aveeno Cleansing Pads a few weeks ago and I love them. They're really great for a quick spot refresh (b/c the cleansing foam is contained to the scrubbing pad) or overall. I also found more Glade coupons, so I went back and did this today at 2 separate CVS's:

Trans #1
(3) Aveeno Positively Ageless Cleansing Pads ($10 ECB wyb $25 in Aveeno) - $8.99 ea.
(1) Shower Pouf - $2.99 on my receipt (not sure if this is a local promo but my cashier just said "Hey, grab you one of those out of that bin" and she'd give it to me FREE... um... SURE!)

-$5 off $25
-$10 off 3 Aveeno Positively Ageless IP
-$5 ECB
-$4 CVS coupon (this is what she scanned against my Shower Pouf... again, umm.. OK!)

Total OOP
w/ Tax: $7.90
Get back $10 ECB (that PAID for itself!)

NOTE: Okay - HERE I got a little messed up... See, I'd found more Glade coupons (in the Sense&Spray I bought previously) so I was planning to FIRST do the Glade deals again and use the $5 ECB I had (which would have worked out as being under a dollar), and THEN do the Aveeno with the $6 ECB from the Glade.

BUT, the first CVS I hit up was nearly CLEARED OUT of ALL Glade products. Zip, zilch, nada. They did have the Aveeno and not many, so I chose to do that deal just in case there was no hope of finding more Glade (with the $4 off coupon in the paper this week, I figured it was a lost cause). However, when I hit the 2nd CVS just for the heck of it they were completely stocked on Glade...?? But I now had a large single $10 ECB to spend and I still wanted to use my $4 off $20 coupon... The end result is that I threw in a few extra things to make sure I wasn't under.

Trans #2
(2) Glade Sense & Spray Kit - 2/$10
(2) Glade PlugIn Scent Oil Lasting Impressions Kit - 2/$10
(2) Irish Springs Body Wash ($2 ECB - Hidden Deal??) - $4.99 ea
(2) Reeses PB Cups Milk Chocolate - 2/$1
(2) Reeses PB Cups Dark Chocolate - 2/$1
(1) Nivea Lip Balm SPF 30 (Clearance) - $1.50

-$4 off $20

-(2) $3 off Sense & Spray
-(2) $3 off Scented Oil Lasting Impressions
-(2) $2 off Irish Springs or Soft Soap IP
-(2) B1G1 Reese PB Cups (new Dark or orig Milk)
-$10 ECB

Total OOP w/ tax: $5.21
Get back: $10 ECB ($6 on Glade, $4 on Irish Springs)

In retrospect, the 2nd Irish Springs put me just over where I needed to be. I didn't need the clearance Lip Balm and could've put that back. My quick (and wrong) mental math in the store somehow made me think the Reeses cups would be free but I ended up paying $1.00 for all 4 packs. But, hey, that's life.

TOTAL OOP w/ tax......... $25.28 (OUCH! ... It's okay, though! It's okay! I just keep telling myself that with the $10 ECB I got back, it's really $15.28... and on a normal grocery trip $12 of that would have been straight outta pocket for DH's beloved Pepsis)

Total merchandise PURCHASED (before sales/coups)..... $138.90

Total saved: 82%

Technically, I have done MUCH better... but overall I'm not too unhappy.


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