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Sunday, August 2, 2009

CVS Results... (Note - Do not shop when in pain!)

Overall, EVERYTHING went according to plan, with a minor miss here and there. So I'm happy!

However, definitely try to avoid shopping when exhausted after a day of keeping up with two 10-12 yr old boys on trails AND when you've inadvertently pulled a back/shoulder muscle that limits your movement painfully when you least expect it (like reaching down/forward for stuff on low shelves)!

With what a good week it was, and with how well publicized a lot of the deals were, I knew that if I didn't trudge to my midnight CVS, I'd regret it today. So, here's how it went down last night...

Trans #1
(2) CVS/Caliber 3 pk Glue Stick ($.99 ecb ea) - $0.99 ea

(2) CVS/Caliber ballpoint pens 20 ct ($.99 ecb ea) - $0.99 ea
(1) Caliber/It's Academic 5" Scissors ($2.99 ecb) - $2.99 ea
(1) 2-pocket Portfolio ($.49 ecb) - $0.49 (or 2/$.99)
FREE CVS Ibuprofen!!! (Worth $3.29)

- Use $6.89 ECB

OKAY! Interruption! Here's the first miss and tweak: I got the "It's Academic" Scissors instead of the Caliber brand (which didn't seem to matter b/c I was going off the ad; remember, my 24 hr CVS waits until the wee hours to put up sale signs). No ECB printed. I politely asked the guy if he could check it, and apologized since I know they have a MILLION items genereating ECBs this week. He was nice, and manually printed me a $3 ECB. Yea! Of course, I was so focused on that, that I MISSED not getting an ECB on the portfolio folder. No biggie, it would have been a filler item anyway. So....

Total OOP w/ tax = $1.07
Get back $6.96 ECB

Trans #2
(1) Blink Tears 0.5 oz or Gel Tears 0.34 oz ($7.99 ecb) - $7.99 ea
(1) Caliber/CVS 1 subject Notebk 70-80 sheets ($.99 ecb) - $0.99 ea

-Use $1.50 off Blink Tears IP
-Use $6.96 ECB

Total OOP w/ Tax = $1.07
Get 8.98 ECB back

Trans #3
(4) Electrasol 2/$9 (Buy $20 / Get $10 ecb) - $4.50 ea
(1) Airwick Scented Oil Refill 2/$6 (Buy $20 / Get $10) - $3.00 ea

-Use (4) $2.50 off Electrasol
-Use $8.98 ECB

Okay, quick interruption here too... I needed a refill for my Airwick and thought I had a $1 coupon... except it was for 2 of the single $3 refills. So I scrapped that and just got it.

Total OOP w/ tax = $3.96 (yeah, paying the tax on the grand total kills me mathmatically)
Get $10 ECB

Trans #4
(2) Benadryl-D (Spend $10 / Get $5) - $5.00 ($.50 over the flyer I planned from)
(1) Listerine FreshMint (Spend $10 / Get $5) - $3.00
(1) Caliber/CVS Notebook 70-80 sheets ($.99 ecb) - $0.99

-Use $0.50 off Listerine
-Use (2) $1.00 off Benadryl
-Use $10.00 ECB

Total OOP w/ tax = $2.78
Get $5.99 ECB

Trans #5
(1) Softsoap Nutriserum Bodywash ($4 ecb) - $4.99
(1) Caliber/It's Academic 5" Scissors ($2.99 ecb) - $2.99
(1) 2-pocket Portfolio ($.49 ecb) - $0.49 (or 2/$.99)

-Use $2.00 off Softsoap or Irish Spring Bodywash IP
-Use $5.00 ECB

What happened here is that my initial "plan" told me I needed a cheapie filler, hence the folder, which AGAIN did not print any ECBs and AGAIN... I missed it b/c I was focused on reminding the cashier that he'd probably need to generate the ECBs for the scissors. ALSO... I was in such a bleary hurry to tear the ECBs off the previous tape, that I only tore off the $5.00. I left $.99 ECB on there and just forgot to use them.

Total OOP w/ tax = $2.26 (again, this tax on the entire total thing... ugh)
Get $7.00 ECB (plus the $.99 I forgot about)

Now, I STILL had a gift card with about $10 and change on it from my prescription transfer; I can't use it unless the purchase is over $2, which several of these were and I should've whipped it out, but again.... pain, tired, looking forward to giving those FREE ibuprofens a test-drive, etc...

But, no matter, because when I got the ad this morning I noticed something different. They had another ECB deal for (4) 12-packs of Pepsi for $12 that spit out $4 ECBs... Forwhatever reason, the ad I planned off of had them as (4) 8-packs... which is weird and really just isn't that great a deal. Hmm... the spouse is out of Pepsi. And I DO need to use that card. So I went back TODAY and did this...

Trans #6 (Sunday)
(4) 12-packs of Pepsi ($4 ecb) - 4/$12
(1) Caliber Compass ($1.50 ecb) - $1.50
(2) Caliber Stretch Book Covers ($.99 ecb ) - $.99 ea

-Use $4.99 ECB (used that $.99 that hid from me last night!)
-Use $10.59 balance on Gift Card

Total OOP w/ tax = $1.15

Get back $7.48 ECB for a grand total of $10.48 ECB for next time!

Okay, the GRAND total of everything I bought and what I saved (included sale prices, etc)?

Total WORTH of Items purchased.... $115.44

Total SPENT...................... $12.29


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