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Sunday, August 30, 2009

PROOF that Lists ARE a good thing

What's that phrase we always berate kids with? Do as I SAY, not as I DO? Maybe we should take a little of our own advice from time to time? ;-) Well, that's what I thinking last night.

Somehow I got myself another "protege" to try to tutor in the "Way of the Coupon." I figured this week would be excellent b/c of the Mega Sale continuing! I also got a request from my mom to pick up a few things for her from the sale (got her Kroger card and got her allll signed up on Cellfire, Shortcuts, and P&G)...

So far, I've done just fine "multitasking" and number-crunching in the store while shopping for me. Just for me...

The "problem" with the Buy 10, Get $5 off Mega Sale (basically $.50 off each item) is that you have to REALLY keep track of how many items you buy. If you buy only 9 items, you don't get the $.50 sale discount on ANY of them. The last 2 times I've shopped a Mega-Sale (last week and a couple months ago) I ALWAYS went in with a list numbered in sets of 10. Too detailed? Maybe. But it made my trip so much easier and smoother.

This time I figured I was going to snag the few items mom wanted, and focus on my coupon-tutoring subject. He did make a basic list, but he didn't know how to match it to the Mega-Sale so while he got the concept, we had to make it up and keep counting/RE-counting as we went.

Add'l NOTE to self: No matter the # of items, get my OWN basket for my stuff. We used the main part of the cart to separate my "subject's" items into Mega and NON-Mega sale items, which meant that I shoved my stuff into the top part with my binder. Yeah... doesn't work.

Here's where I suppose some karma came into play: we went to check out and my protege had 30 items. But only 2 of the $5 discounts came off. I looked at the receipt and saw the Total cereal hadn't triggered and was ringing up at non-sale price. So I asked and told them the tags were up; it was busy and normally I wouldn't be so heavily handed with coupons during the after-work rush hour, but it was when we could go. They checked really quick and pulled him over to customer service to give him his $5. I was so focused on THAT, I didn't even WATCH my receipt, not at all. I didn't do BAD; I spent about $16 and saved $33 (70%). But after we got done I realized I'd miscounted my own items and only had 19!!!! Only one $5 discount. *WHINE*

WAIT, though... we then took a look at his box of Total, wondering why it didn't trigger the discount... It was the 1-lb box instead of 10.5 oz! I didn't even THINK of that when I asked for the 3rd $5 discount; I'd even grabbed that box myself too. SO, all in all it was fair that I legitimately missed one of my discounts considering I got him one that he shouldn't have had.

But I am NEVER going shopping sans my psycho-detailed list again!


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