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Friday, August 21, 2009

Kroger Mega-LOVE this week... Saved 70% over two trips

Whew! I think I'm honestly in NO need to do major shopping for the rest of August, besides maybe milk.

First, great trip on Wednesday! I hadn't planned to go then, but was checking the milk for mashed potatoes for dinner, and, uh... it was juuuuust over the edge of trying to become another type of dairy product. :-) So, I figured I might as well head over before it got too late in the week. I took my list of 30 items (3 sets of 10) and then some, plus coupons, binder, and off I went.

I got everything I wanted although the pickings on certain things were SUPER slim; it seemed like I got the LAST packages of a couple things. Seriously, I've never had to climb shelves or crawl to get alllll the way to the back or hunt behind other products for so many items. There WERE 2-3 flavors of Hamburger Helper that were on closeout for $.45 with the sale according to tags; but GONE.

I did have an issue at checkout where I’d bought exactly 30 qualifying items (hence the LIST; it helps!), but only 2 of the Buy 10, Get $5 discounts came up. I asked the checker and showed him my list; he went back over my receipt, counted the 30 and said it should’ve worked; that in fact the lady before me had 30 and got 3 discounts (he thought 3 was the limit on the deal, btw... whether there IS or isn't a limit hasn't been very clear on this particular sale). Anyway, a manager happened by, and when my checker explained, he just handed me $5 cash out of his change pouch, no question.

(Note: This is probably the first time I've EVER questioned a cashier on a coupon or other price issue. I just never wanted to deal with the confrontation before but this time I figured I'd done everything right, so it couldn't hurt to ask!)

Anyway, onto my loot. I did cheat a bit and used 3 more of my FREE Lean Cuisine giveaway coupons.

(6) Hamburger/Tune/Chicken Helper
(6) Sobe Lifewater
(2) Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls
(2) Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
(2) Turkey Hill Tea 1/2 Gallons
(3) Lean Cuisine
(2) Nature Valley Nut Clusters
(2) Betty Crocker Cookie Mix Pouches
(2) Betty Crocker Warm Delights
(2) Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes
(1) Trix Swirl cereal
(1) Total Raisin Bran
(1) Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers
(1) Green Giant canned Corn Niblets
(1) Old El Paso Enchilada kit
(1) Old El Paso Seasoned Black Beans
(2) Yellow Corn ears
(1) Skim Milk
(1) Wheat Bread loaf, Kroger
(1) Salmon Filets (this became 4 portions which will be 2 dinners)

Total BEFORE sales & coupons? $92.14

AFTER Sale alone? $59.68

AFTER Coupons: $27.38

I have to say, I'm really very pleased! My personal goal was to get out under $30 and I did that.

I was NOT planning to go back initially... but after looking at my receipt I realized that a lot of my e-coups had primarily come from Cellfire; even the stuff I bought 2-3 of. I KNEW I had the same ones on my Shortcuts.com account so I checked, and sure enough, there were enough to warrant Trip #2 on Thursday.

Happily, someone had done some serious restocking. There were plenty of full shelves so I was a happy camper (although the climbing from Wednesday was kind of fun). Sooo, I did this...

(8) Sobe Lifewaters
(3) Hamburger/Chicken Helper (got 1 of the $.45 ones)
(2) Nature Valley Nut Clusters
(2) Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes
(2) Betty Crocker Warm Delights
(2) Quaker Quakes Tortilla Style
(1) Trix Swirl Cereal
(1) Thick-cut Pork Chops (clearance)
(1) Kroger Whole Fryer Chicken (clearance)
(1) London Broil (clearance)

Now, factoring in what the meat would have been...

Total BEFORE sales & coupons? $60.10

AFTER Sale alone? $39.30

AFTER Coupons: $17.94

Not too shabby! One weird thing that happened today and yesterday was that one of the Nut Clusters triggered the e-coupon for the Nature Valley BARS... which stinks b/c that's only a $.40 e-coup instead of $1. Oh well. Can't win 'em all.

GRAND TOTALS? I got $152.24 in groceries for $45.32. We also happen to have a friend who'll be moving into a new apartment and starting from scratch this weekend, so several of those items will be going into a jumpstart box of sorts for them.

I was on such a high from getting good deals on the meats, that I decided to hit up ALDIs on the way home to see if I could finish stocking us up on meats for the next week or so. More on that in the next post.



  1. Did you know why your coupons come off that way?

    Checkout this post where I explain a tip I received about the order in which they are applied to your purchases.

  2. Hmm... Interesting. But I'm still a bit baffled on why the CLUSTERS would trigger the coupon for the granola BARS. I would've thought they were specified for totally different products. Cool tidbit, though!