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Saturday, August 29, 2009

CVS - Week of 8/30... My Plan

This week at CVS is looking "interesting" at least. There isn't an overwhelming amount of really great ECB deals, but at least the items are nicely varied so I can get some stuff that we'll really use and need. Per Jenny's advice at Southern Savers (who has the FULL list), and because I'm starting off MY week with $10 ECB, I think I AM going to use this week as a chance to get 1-2 items for the general household supply for free. Jenny's Grand Plans look great, but I just never seem to save those coupons for the glucose meter thingies that are always such moneymakers.

So my scenario is going to be a bit different. One thing's for sure: I am scaling back and NOT spending more than a couple of bucks out of pocket this week if I can help it. Last week's haul was great but I still feel like I could've done sooo much better.

Planned Trans #1
Glade Fragrance Collection Reed Diffuser ($6.99 ECB) - $6.99 ea, Limit 1
Bounce Dryer Bar ($1.00 ECB) - $3.99 ea
Softsoap Nutriserum Wash ($2.00 ECB) - $4.99 ea, Limit 1 ***
Gillette Venus Embrace Razor ($3.00 ECB) - $8.99 ea

Use $4 off $20 CVS coupon
Use $10 ECB
-$4 off any Glade Fragrance collection
-$1 off Bounce Dryer bar
-$2 off Softsoap Wash (printable -- I still have them!)
-$2 off Venus Embrace

Total OOP: $1.96
Get back $12.99 ECB

I'm wondering about that Softsoap... When they were on sale a few weeks ago AND last week (along with the Irish Springs bodywash), the tags said Limit 1 but most people had no problem snagging 2-3 and getting the ECBs... I wonder if that will be the case this week... I also need to check if my printable $2 coupons that I horded are good to 8/30! If not, I'll be using the $1 off from the paper and may rethink a couple things to keep the OOP as low as possible.

Planned Trans #2
Bausch & Lomb Renu Solution Twin Pk ($3.00 ECB) - $7.99 ea
Bausch & Lomb Renu Solution Twin Pk ($3.00 ECB) - $7.99 ea
Bounty Basic 6 Big Rolls - $5.89 ea

Use $4 off $20 (if I have 1 extra) OR $3 off $12 eyecare CVS coupon
Use $12.99 ECB
-$2 off Renu
-$2 off Renu
-$.25 off Bounty

Total OOP: $.63 OR $1.63
Get back $6 ECB


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