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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Hidden"/Unpublished SoftSoap/Irish Spring ECB deal at CVS this week?

Does anyone remember how crazy we all went to print those $2 off any Softsoap or Irish Springs coupons from that one zip code on Coupons.com (which I can't even remember anymore)?

Well, I hope you saved a couple! I noticed on Sunday that the Softsoap Nutriserum and Irish Springs bodywashes were tagged for $4.99 with a $2 ECB. I thought it may have been an old tag or error because I don't recall seeing that in the ad matchups anywhere.

But it's current!

What's more, the tags in store say Limit 1, but I bought 2 without even thinking, used 2 coupons I had leftover, and got back $4 ECB! My receipt also says that I can buy at least one more (no "Limit Reached" message).

Oh, and see my post below about possibly FREE Shower Poufs??? I'm STILL not sure what that was about. All I know is that my cashier was chatting me up on these free chocolates and buttery-mints they had baskets of at the front (I said something about how it's not even Halloween and they're already giving out free candy), and she suddenly told me to grab a pouf from a nearby bin for free. Never look a gifthorse in the mouth!

My shopping trip report(s) on CVS had me spending way more out of pocket than normal, but I'm loving that store this week!


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