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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Coupons for FREE stuff just keep rolling in!

A little bit ago, I'd posted about winning the weekly Friday Lean Cuisine Giveaway and getting 7 coupons for a FREE Lean Cuisine (ANYthing... the paninis, pizzas, entrees). Well, the rest of this week has just continued to be a FREE coupon week...

*From All YOU magazine, I'd gotten a FREE Jack Links coupon (though it's for the really big bag which I haven't been able to find; only the 3.5 oz bags).

*The recent inserts had a coupon for a FREE Glade Soy candle (it is for the 2 oz variety, which some have said is harder to find; my Kroger doesn't have them).

*I got quite a surprise in the mail when Vocalpoint sent me a TALKING mailer. Yes. TALKS to you. LOUDLY. It scared the heck out of my cats who tend to crowd around me when I sit to open mail like every envelope is a bag of treats (that was actually funny). Anyway, in the talking mailer was a sheaf of coupons for Rice Krispies cereal; lots of $1 off any box and ONE FREE BOX of RICE KRISPIES. I see a lot of Rice Krispie treat bars in my future... :-)

*I finally received my FREE Country Bob's All Purpose sauce coupon; I'd forgotten about even registering for that. Looks like you can still request one here! (Thanks from a while ago, Coupon Mommie!)

*I sent in my form/rebate for a FREE Yoplait Yo-Plus yogurt pack after buying some Dannon Activia at Kroger. You can find the form here. (Thanks to many bloggers for posting this but I saw it on A Thrifty Mom).

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