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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kroger has my love again... $61 in groceries for $16

I last posted about my disappointing trip to Kroger (and Ingles) and how a random and sort of FORCED (by me) trip didn't end as well as I'd have liked. Well, here are some resolutions to that...

(1) I finally put my receipt numbers into my little savings spreadsheet a couple of days ago (yep, I was so bummed and busy I was not in the mood to input them right away). It turns out that while Ingles was not that great b/c I only bought a couple of items that had coupons, Kroger was really NOT bad. I saved 68% on the trip after all ($10.40 for $32 in groceries). And that was WITH a couple of coupons not working plus some unplanned treats.

(2) I emailed PG Esaver and told them about my disappointment at how yet another haircare coupon had not worked. This time, I also sent all my pertinent info: Kroger card #, date of purchase, item, store, etc. Guess what? I got an email back the next day saying they were putting a $3 credit on my account good against the overall total of my next order. And when I went shopping this past week it worked!

(3) I had a pretty great week this week. No photo b/c I just did not have time, but I got $61 in groceries for only $16.36! I had a couple of overages that helped out like a $5/3 Reach Floss (the floss was only $1 each) and that $3 OYNO. I also used 3 of my freeeeeee Lean Cuisine certificates. I also took advantage of the Buy 4, Get $4 Off Kelloggs deal. I got 2 boxes of Cheezits, and then 2 boxes of Eggo Waffles. I THEN used a Fuel for School coupon for $2 in fresh fruit wyb 2 Eggo products, which netted me a free box of blueberries.

(The blueberries are now in a tasty cobbler in the fridge that has been calling my name all DAY... but we had sundaes at Sonic after dinner so no-go...Drat.) Here's the rundown from this Thursday; I tried to go easy and do only the best deals b/c I knew a certain super sale was coming up in the next week, while still restocking us in some staples and my lunches for work:

(2) Pillsbury Crescent rolls
(1) Yoplait Fiber One yogurt 4-pack
(1) Dannon Activia yogurt 4-pack
(3) Lean Cuisine frozen entrees
(2) Healthy Choice Fresh Mixer entrees
(1) Kroger Wheat Bread loaf
(1) Blueberries, 1 lb
(2) Chiquita Fresh Fruit Dipper snacks
(2) Eggo Nutrigrain Whole Wheat waffles
(2) Cheezits(2) Knorrs Pasta Sides
(3) Kroger Frozen Vegetables
(1) Kroger All-purpose flour
(1) Domino Granulated Sugar
(1) Kroger Whipped Topping

(You can tell that while shopping, I formulated the "Cobbler Plan", hence the flour, sugar, etc...)


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